Yargan’s dedication to Indigenous employment and training is central to its core values and business philosophy. Yargan firmly believes in creating opportunities that extend beyond ticking mere “checkboxes”, aiming for meaningful, sustainable career growth for Indigenous job seekers. Yargan is committed to helping Indigenous job seekers achieve career goals.

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Currently, Yargan provides training and qualification opportunities for Indigenous staff through industry-standard courses and certifications.

What sets Yargan apart is our genuine commitment to the personal development and growth of our Indigenous team members. Yargan provides mentoring and dedicated career guidance for our Indigenous candidates.

Yargan is committed to actively increasing Indigenous job opportunities and fostering Indigenous employment across a diverse range of positions within the Mining and Resources industry.

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Yargan takes a multi-faceted approach to achieve these goals:

Yargan provides Indigenous job seekers with the opportunity to enter the Mining and Resources industry for the very first time with roles such as Utility Workers and Trade Assistants, as well as office based roles. These entry roles offer a supportive and culturally safe environment, facilitating a smooth transition into the sector.

Yargan has set a 20% Indigenous participation target across all operations. Currently, Yargan proudly maintains a workforce in which 15% of site services staff are Aboriginal employees who have entered the Mining and Resources industry for the very first time.

Yargan’s commitment to the success of Indigenous employees begins with a comprehensive onboarding process. This process equips new starters with essential industry knowledge, safety training, and insights into camp and work life. This preparation ensures that candidates are well-prepared for their roles and sets the foundation for their career growth.

During the recruitment process, Yargan’s dedicated team engages with Indigenous candidates to understand their career objectives and goals. Yargan continue to work closely with candidates to map out personalised career pathways. This includes opportunities for upskilling through industry-specific certifications, mentoring programs, tailored training, and interview coaching. By focusing on individual aspirations, Yargan empowers Indigenous job seekers to thrive in their chosen fields.

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